Travel to a Unique Romantic Getaway

Milestone Vacations

Whether you’re celebrating the anniversary of your wedding, the day you met, a big promotion, graduation, or a special birthday, you want the setting to be perfect. We can help you choose the ideal romantic location. We will work to your specific desires. If it’s a surprise we can be very discreet.

PJM Travel is here to arrange your romantic celebration be it a weekend getaway or a once in a lifetime journey!

Taking a cruise, relaxing on a beach, partying in Vegas, experiencing the thrills of a Theme Park, seeing the wonders of the world, are all great ways to celebrate the milestones of your life. Let PJM Travel create the perfect journey.

Leisure Vacations

Do you ever feel like just getting away from it all? Do you long for some time without the noise surrounding you? Do you need to unwind, disconnect and de-stress? Is there someone you love that you just don’t get enough time with? These and more are good reasons to escape to new or familiar destinations.

Just tell us what it would take to get you back on track and we will wade through the myriad of vacation options to find the perfect destination for you!